How does it work

How can you start taking lessons?

You are determined to take lessons with me but you still have dounts how to access them, what resources you need… here I explain everything you should know. Too easy!

  • First, choose among the different possibilities of lessons that I offer and buy a lesson or, in the store, the pack that best suits your needs. Don’t worry, the lessons never expire and when you finish a pack you can renew it as many times as you want, or buy another one with a greater or lesser number of lessons.
  • If you choose to buy a pack, you will receive an email with a code that you will have to use to reserve each of the lessons you have purchased. (Please check spam or spam inbox).

  • In the calendar on the page of your chosen type of lesson, check the available times and reserve the time on the day that is most suitable for you. (The frequency of the lessons will depend solely on yourself. It is best to maintain a certain routine, but you set the pace).

  • Remember that, according to my cancellation policy, you can reschedule the lesson up to a maximum of 24 hours before it starts. (To manage your reservations, enter My lessons). If you don’t, you will miss the lesson.

  • In the reservation confirmation email you will find the access link to the lesson. We will connect through Zoom application.

  • Check that your computer has the camera and audio devices activated. The use of the camera in lessons is optional (except for the free lesson, which is mandatory), but I recommend it. Make sure that the internet connection is good and stable.

  • Lessons last 55 minutes. Be punctual!

  • If it is not the first lesson I will probably have given you homework to do on your own. Come prepared and with the necessary materials. Having a notebook and a pen will help you, although some of the lesson notes (examples and vocabulary) may be included in a Word document that I will share with you.

  • Finally, don’t forget to enjoy the experience of Spanish! Ask all you want, talk, laugh… and be yourself.