About me


My story 01

My story

Or how it all started

I was born in San Sebastián, Spain. My mother tongue is Spanish, but I also speak Basque, English and Arabic. I am a Social Educator, Educational Psychologist and I have a Master in International Cooperation. In one of my stays abroad as a volunteer, I had the opportunity to start teaching Spanish. It was in Egypt, in 2012. I started training while working and after 3 years, I started working at the University 6th of October, Cairo. I became a certified examiner of the official DELE exams of the Cervantes Institute, I traveled to the Dominican Republic to teach Spanish Language and Literature and in recent years, I have worked in San Sebastián in a center accredited by The Cervantes Institute.

My vision 02

My vision

What I understand about learning

In my opinion, learning is a fundamental process of growth and change. A living process in which you, as a student, are the main agent and I act as a mediator so that the necessary changes in your language take place and you feel comfortable and sure of yourself when you express yourself. Thus, for me it is essential to take into account the moment in which you are already at, your motivation, you previous knowledge and concerns to quide you on your peculiar path of assimilation, integration and creation of new knowledge.

My lessons 03

My lessons

Because knowing a language is not the same as teaching it

I like to consider them as a two-way exchange experience. I never forget that it is you, the student, who should understand these ways as an enriching and useful practice. In this way, and according to your needs, I offer you an integrated balance of concepts, interaction, discovery, play and creativity. I am open to your suggestions, I love that they raise doubts and new ideas. And from there, I will try to guide you as best as possible according to my criteria, forged through these 8 years of professional experience.

Our objectives

These are the academic objectives that I want to help you achieve


A language is communication, and as such, I will strive to achieve fluency and natural comfort in oral interaction.


It is not only important that you are able to speak fluently but that you do it accurately and appropriately to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings.


A language is a treasure to discover. It opens the door to other worlds and cultures. I invite you to awaken your curiosity and take advantage of everything that a language carries with it.


Discover the variety and cultural wealth of Spain and Latin America. Practice culture in your communication since each word always has a cultural part that I help you understand.


I work with you on the articulation of sounds, rhythm and intonation of the language.


In order to speak it is necessary to have something to say, I prepare you to face different communicative situations.

Gillian Ehrich recommendation
"Our family had the wonderful opportunity of meeting and studying with Ana while living in San Sebastián, Spain. Ana is bright, concientious and talented teacher and became a real friend. For every lesson with our children, Ana arrived prepared with worksheets, games and creative art projects. As adult learners, we experienced ana as a consistently supportive and encouraging, with spot-on tricks for learning more advanced concepts. Over the year, we all grew in confidence as Spanish speakers. Ana is a gem of a human being and someone whom we feel grateful to know".
Recomendación Georgina Ambruska
"I have been learning Spanish with Ana for one year and she is a professional, flexible and pleasant teacher. Her classes are very entertaining and you learn without realizing. If you want to learn Spanish in an easy and enjoyable way, I recommend you to contact Ana".
Alumno Ahmed Nader
"If I owe someone something, I definitely owe Anita a lot for teaching me Spanish. I have always been fascinated by the Spanish language and culture since I was a child. She taught me the language like no one else could do, and also brought Spanish culture to my world. I speak Spanish and I don't feel totally distant from the culture. So thank you Anita for everything, you are the best Spanish teacher".