Comprehensive lesson

Spanish according to the Common European Framework of Reference and following the Curriculum Plan of Cervantes Institute.

55 minutes

Lessons are according to your level.

These types of sessions are perfect for those students, like you, of any level (from A1 to C2) who want to advance, deepen and improve in all aspects of the language, be it grammar, vocabulary, cultural content, pronunciation… and achieve greater communicative fluency. In this type of course, I recommed you the use of a manual so that you can have a support with which to work outside of lessons, which I supervise and we correct together.


Before starting, complete this level test (Beginner or Intermediate) to prove your knowledge, so this way I will be able to prepare the most suitable lessons for you.

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If you have doubts about the way to connect for lessons, consult the operating system where I explain to you all you need to know.